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Policy Review Committee

Northwestern’s Policy Review Committee is a standing University committee whose role is to advise the Northwestern community on policy development, to review and approve proposals for new policies and policy revisions, to ensure that policies are properly approved and implemented, and generally to support the policy development and implementation process at Northwestern.

The Committee is chaired by Associate Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer Marcia Isaacson, as well as Associate Director of Policy Management Karen Halverson Cross, and includes the following additional members: 

The Policy Review Committee works with an Advisory Panel made up of representatives from Associated Student Government (ASG), the Graduate Leadership and Advocacy Council (GLAC), and the Northwestern University Staff Advisory Council (NUSAC).  Advisory Panel members serve as liaisons to the Committee, facilitating communications with the University community and promoting transparency around policy development.

Questions for the Policy Review Committee may be submitted to or by contacting the Associate Director of Policy Management, Karen Halverson Cross, at (847) 467-6172 or