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About the University Policy Site

Northwestern strives to create an environment that fosters innovation, excellence, and collaboration, seeking always to do so responsibly, ethically, and with integrity. To this end, we must have in place thoughtful, strategic guidelines and policies that promote the success of our students, faculty, and staff in their daily work. Our University Policies thus are meant to guide and enable our community members to uphold Northwestern's values and expectations.

This site houses University-wide Policies and serves as a resource to support policy development and management at Northwestern. We encourage all community members to use this site as the main source for University-wide Policies, as it will feature the most current information and updates on all policy-related items. University Policies published on individual school, department, or unit websites should reflect the most up to date information and align to this site. Resources are available to help you review and amend existing policies. Please communicate any policy updates to