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University Policy Catalog

All policies listed below apply throughout the University as opposed to applying within a particular school, department, or unit. To learn more about the policies listed on this site, see the About page.

Note: Many of the links below will take you to the website of the office responsible for the policy.

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90 Day RuleFinancialFaculty, Staff
Academic Accommodations for Religious HolidaysAcademicFaculty
Acceptance of Gifts and Hospitality from External PartiesFinancial, Human ResourcesFaculty, Staff../docs/gifts-and-hospitality-policy-final.pdf
Additional PayHuman ResourcesStaff
Affirmative ActionHuman ResourcesFaculty, Staff
ALARA (Radiation Safety)Research, Facilities and SafetyFaculty, Staff, Student
Amendment to Charging Sponsored Projects: Policy for Sponsored Projects Impacted by COVID-19FinancialFaculty, Staff
Anti-Bribery PolicyAcademic, Financial, Human ResourcesFaculty, Staff
Appropriate Use of Electronic ResourcesInformation TechnologiesFaculty, Staff, Student../docs/appropriate-use-policy-final.pdf
Appropriate Use of Electronics Resources FAQInformation TechnologiesFaculty, Staff, Student../docs/appropriate-use-faq.pdf
Behavioral Consultation TeamHuman Resources, Facilities and SafetyFaculty, Staff, Student
Biometric Information PrivacyAcademic, Research, Human Resources, Facilities and Safety, Information TechnologiesFaculty, Staff, Student../docs/biometric-information-privacy-policy-final.pdf
Bulk E-mail ApprovalInformation TechnologiesStaff
Cable, Satellite, and IP Delivered Television ServicesInformation TechnologiesFaculty, Staff
Campus Violence Prevention PlanHuman Resources, Facilities and SafetyFaculty, Staff, Student
Cash HandlingFinancialFaculty, Staff
Charging Sponsored ProjectsResearch, FinancialFaculty, Staff
Charitable Donations By the UniversityFinancialFaculty, Staff
Civility and Mutual RespectHuman Resources, Facilities and SafetyFaculty, Staff, Student
Conflict of Interest and Conflict of CommitmentAcademic, Research, Human ResourcesFaculty, Staff
Conflict of Interest in ResearchAcademic, ResearchFaculty, Staff
Consensual Romantic or Sexual Relationships Between Faculty, Staff and StudentsAcademic, Research, Human ResourcesFaculty, Staff, Student../docs/consensual_relations_011314.pdf
Copyright PolicyAcademic, ResearchFaculty, Staff
Cost Sharing on Sponsored ProgramsResearch, FinancialFaculty, Staff
Cost Transfers to Sponsored AccountsResearch, FinancialFaculty, Staff
Data AccessInformation TechnologiesFaculty, Staff, Student
Data ClassificationInformation TechnologiesFaculty, Staff, Student../docs/data-classification-policy.pdf
Data EncryptionInformation TechnologiesFaculty, Staff
Digital AccessibilityAcademic, Human Resources, Information TechnologiesFaculty, Staff, Student../docs/digital-accessibility-policy-final.pdf
Disposal of Northwestern University ComputersInformation TechnologiesFaculty, Staff
DemonstrationAcademic, Human Resources, Facilities and SafetyFaculty, Staff, Student
Diverse Candidate Slates in Recruitment and SelectionHuman ResourcesFaculty, Staff
Drugs and AlcoholHuman ResourcesFaculty, Staff, Student../docs/drugs-and-alcohol-policy.pdf
Effort ReportingResearch, FinancialFaculty, Staff
Electronic Form I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification and E-VerifyHuman ResourcesFaculty, Staff
Employees in Essential Functions and PositionsAcademic, Research, Financial, Human Resources, Facilities and Safety, Information TechnologiesFaculty, Staff../docs/employees-in-essential-functions-and-positions-final.pdf
Employment or Evaluation of RelativesAcademic, Human ResourcesFaculty, Staff../docs/employment-or-evaluation-of-relatives-policy.pdf
Environmental Health and SafetyResearch, Facilities and SafetyFaculty, Staff, Student../docs/university-ehs-policy-final.pdf
Equipment Inventory and DisposalFinancialFaculty, Staff
Export Controls ComplianceResearchFaculty, Staff, Student
Express CheckFinancialFaculty, Staff
Faculty and Staff GiftsAcademic, FinancialFaculty, Staff
Faculty HandbookAcademicFaculty
FERPAAcademicFaculty, Staff, Student
Financial and Accounting Policies and ProceduresFinancialFaculty, Staff
FirewallInformation TechnologiesStaff
Fundraising for Other Charitable OrganizationsFinancialFaculty, Staff
Human Research Protection Program ComplianceResearchFaculty, Staff, Student
Human Subject PaymentsResearch, FinancialFaculty, Staff
Identity Theft PreventionFinancialFaculty, Staff
Information SecurityInformation TechnologiesFaculty, Staff, Student../docs/information-security-policy.pdf
Information Technology Acquisition, Development and DeploymentInformation TechnologiesFaculty, Staff
Institutional Conflict of Interest in ResearchAcademic, Research, FinancialFaculty, Staff
Interim Policy on Title IX Sexual HarassmentAcademic, Human ResourcesFaculty, Staff, Student
LiquorFinancialFaculty, Staff, Student
Lobbying and Communications By Faculty and Staff with Federal, State, and Local Government OfficialsAcademic, Research, Financial, Human ResourcesFaculty, Staff
Lobbying and Communications By Faculty and Staff with Federal, State, and Local Government Officials: Appendix A - Government Contact, Expense, and Membership Reporting FormsAcademic, Research, Financial, Human ResourcesFaculty, Staff../docs/contact_expense_membership_reporting020912.pdf
Locating Administrative Applications or Equipment In Central Data CentersInformation TechnologiesFaculty, Staff
Merchant Card ProcessingFinancialFaculty, Staff
Minors at NorthwesternAcademic, Research, Financial, Human Resources, Facilities and SafetyFaculty, Staff, Student
Missing StudentAcademic, Human Resources, Facilities and SafetyFaculty, Staff
Mobile Communications and Mobile/Home Computing GuidelinesFinancialFaculty, Staff
NetID and Network PrivilegesInformation TechnologiesFaculty, Staff, Student
Non-RetaliationAcademic, Human ResourcesFaculty, Staff../docs/non-retaliation-policy-final.pdf
Non-Travel AdvancesFinancialFaculty, Staff
Non-University Owned Building InfrastructureInformation TechnologiesFaculty, Staff
Participation in Personnel DecisionsAcademicFaculty
Patent and InventionAcademic, ResearchFaculty, Staff../docs/patent-and-invention-policy-final.pdf
Paying Nonresident Independent ContractorsFinancial, Human ResourcesFaculty, Staff
Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard ComplianceFinancialStaff
Policy on Discrimination, Harassment, and Sexual MisconductHuman ResourcesFaculty, Staff, Student
Policy on Institutional EquityAcademic, Human ResourcesFaculty, Staff, Student
Privacy within the Northwestern NetworkInformation TechnologiesFaculty, Staff
Prohibited Use of Electronic Resources for Threats, Harassment, and PornographyAcademic, Human Resources, Information TechnologiesFaculty, Staff, Student
Prohibition of Weapons and Concealed Carry of Weapons on CampusAcademic, Human Resources, Facilities and SafetyFaculty, Staff, Student
Purchasing and PaymentFinancialFaculty, Staff
Reasonable AccommodationHuman ResourcesFaculty, Staff
Reporting a Northwestern University Information Technology Policy ViolationInformation TechnologiesFaculty, Staff, Student
Reporting and Investigating Suspected Noncompliance in Animal ResearchAcademic, Research, FinancialFaculty, Staff, Student
Research Application Hosting - Data CenterResearch, Information TechnologiesFaculty, Staff
Research Data: Ownership, Retention and AccessAcademic, ResearchFaculty, Staff
Research Faculty AppointmentsAcademic, ResearchFaculty, Staff
Research MisconductAcademic, ResearchFaculty, Staff, Student
Research VisitorsAcademic, ResearchFaculty, Staff
Retention of University RecordsAcademic, Research, Financial, Human Resources, Facilities and Safety, Information TechnologiesFaculty, Staff../docs/retention_of_university_records_030410.pdf
Retention of University Records: Appendix A - Records Retention ScheduleAcademic, Research, Financial, Human Resources, Facilities and Safety, Information TechnologiesFaculty, Staff../docs/rur_appendix_a061913.pdf
Rights and Responsibilities for the Use of Central Network and Computing ResourcesInformation TechnologiesFaculty, Staff, Student
Rooftop LeasesInformation TechnologiesFaculty, Staff, Student
Satellite Delivered ServicesInformation TechnologiesFaculty, Staff, Student
Secure Handling of Social Security NumbersInformation TechnologiesFaculty, Staff, Student
Server CertificateInformation TechnologiesStaff
Service, Assistance, and Other Animals at NorthwesternAcademic, Human Resources, Facilities and SafetyFaculty, Staff, Student../docs/animal-policy-final-012717.pdf
Software Authentication RequirementsInformation TechnologiesFaculty, Staff, Student
Sponsorship for Legal Permanent ResidenceAcademic, Research, Human ResourcesFaculty, Staff
Staff HandbookHuman ResourcesStaff
Standards for Business ConductAcademic, Research, Financial, Human ResourcesFaculty, Staff../docs/standardsforbusinessconduct.pdf
Student HandbookStudent
Subcontracting on Sponsored ProgramsResearch, FinancialFaculty, Staff
Summer/Research Quarter Salary Policy Statement for 9 Month AppointmentsAcademic, Research, FinancialFaculty
Sustainable Waste ManagementFacilities and SafetyFaculty, Staff, Student../docs/sustainable-waste-management-final.pdf
Tracking Investigator Award and Expenditure Credit for Sponsored ProgramsResearch, FinancialFaculty, Staff
Trademark LicensingFinancialFaculty, Staff
Travel and EntertainmentFinancialFaculty, Staff
Unapproved Network ExtensionsInformation TechnologiesFaculty, Staff, Student
University Technology Licensing and Equity Interest PolicyResearchFaculty, Staff, Student
Use and Copying of Computer SoftwareInformation TechnologiesFaculty, Staff, Student
Use of Cadavers and Recognizable Human Body Parts for Educational and Research PurposesAcademic, Research, FinancialFaculty, Staff
Use of Computers, Systems, and NetworksInformation TechnologiesFaculty, Staff, Student
Use of Multiple Appearance Directory Numbers (MADNs)Information TechnologiesFaculty, Staff, Student
Use of Student Residence NetworksInformation TechnologiesStudent
Use of University Facilities for Political ActivitiesAcademic, Financial, Human Resources, Facilities and SafetyFaculty, Staff, Student
Using ListservInformation TechnologiesFaculty, Staff, Student
Video Recording and SurveillanceAcademic, Human Resources, Facilities and SafetyFaculty, Staff, Student
Virus and Spyware Removal for ResNetInformation TechnologiesStudent
Wireless NetworksInformation TechnologiesFaculty, Staff, Student