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Guidelines for Administrative Updates

"Administrative Updates" are minor changes to an existing University Policy that do not substantively change the policy content. This includes:

The Responsible Office (RO) indicated on the University Policy is responsible for any administrative updates and may initiate these updates by taking the following steps:

  1. Send the following information to Policy to be updated and nature of anticipated changes
  2. RO will receive an editable document, to which the requested edits should be added in track changes

  3. Once it is confirmed that the requested changes are non-substantive, the RO will be notified and provided with guidance on posting the updated policy.

    When an administrative update is made, the RO should work with the PRC chair to determine the next review date.

For information regarding substantive revisions, please refer to Guidelines for Reviewing Policies. The Responsible Office should notify the PRC at when a policy needs substantive revisions.